Work in West!

Painting houses

No application fee and no charges at all!

  We are a company that is looking for people from East Europe who wants to work in west, mostly in EU countries, as well as
  Norway and USA.
  We have had our people working in west since 2005 and all together it is more than 500 who have got a work through us.
  We have employed workers such as buildiers, painters, forest workers, planters, timber cutters,
  secretaries, drivers, journalists, web - designers, programmers, sailors, au pairs, dancers, car repairs
  and many other professions.
  Just send in your CV with detaild description of your skills and we'll try to found a work for you!

  Right now
  For the spring season we need painters and different people within the construction field, as well as planters.
  We also need people in different handy crafts and clothes designers as well as sewing people.
  For our clients we need photo models, musicians and music writers straight away.
  This summer we need people for many different kind of work. Send in your application now while more kind of work
  is comming in.
  Right now we know that we need people in this branches but more is comming in May and June.

*Building workers
*Cleaning people
*Make up artists
*Music writers
*Photo models

  For all kind of information: office@workinwest.eu